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What about me ?

Good question, is’nt it ?

I’m Enguerran, launched in december 23, 1994.

Since My processor got eyes, I’ve the head in the stars and space,

but I also make my dreams come true.

I’m not an astronaut, but I promise, my creations will bring you in space.

Check my works

My works,

come ab imo pectore

Here, check it out

VIBes in Biosciences 2017

VIBes in Biosciences 2017

Illustration for a meeting for the VIBes in Biosciences 2017
The brief was to include graphic representation of a microscope, the cancer, the cells, a plant and proteins into an illustration to be print on sweats for a special meeting.


Home-Tech, site & logo

Creation of the website & the logo of Home-Tech
It's a beglgian informatic enterprise who wanted a young, fresh website.

Dubois - Nortier Chemist

Dubois - Nortier Chemist

Graphic charter for two belgians chemists. For this project, I was completely free for creation. I just have to do two personnages, a man & a woman.

Florian Botquin Portfolio

Florian Botquin Portfolio

Website project for the portfolio of a talented young graphist
Te graphist asked me to do a website with a "glitch" theme.

Achel, trappist beer

Achel trappist beer

Project (non official) of logo, labels & website for Achel. This was my end-of-studies project. We're totally free for the subject, but I'm a big fan of beer, so I wok for this subject.

Nintendo christmas website

Nintendo christmas website

Project & idea for a christmas version of the Nintendo website (non official). The brief here was to do a christmas theme for a website. The choice of the subject & the site was free.

Drone Your Movie

Drone Your Movie, graphic charter

Creation of the wbesite, logo, foler, etc, for Drone Your Movie.
One of my first project. A movie creation's enterprise gave us a brief to do a graphic charter and a site.


Up2Secure, website

Website design of the belgian graphic agency Up2Secure.


AGE Sciences, 2015 & 2016

Creation of sweats & posters for the students assembly of the UMons, for who I've worked as a student.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls bosses

A project which I'm working on. I want to rewrite the bosses of the video game Dark Souls 1 in cute version.

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